Core Banking Platform and Payment Services

Core Banking Platform and Payment ServicesNZACU offers a continuum of core banking and payments processing services so Members can pick and choose the solutions they require today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

“NZACU's flexibility enables us to deliver fully scalable core banking platforms to our Members. We have the experience and capacity to handle a high volume of processing and settlement of payments transactions, from paper-based cheque clearing and remittance processing to electronic bill payments and electronic funds transfers”   Deane Johns, Chief Information Officer, NZACU.

Core Banking Platform

NZACU provides a 24/7 real-time bureau and core banking software with a full suite of savings and loans products. This core banking platform is backed by a highly skilled team of developers and is supported by a dedicated local service desk team. It gives financial institutions robust transactional banking and payment capabilities which allows even small and medium sized financial institutions to provide full-service relationships with their customers.

By striving to continuously improve our performance, through integration of our Project Management and IT frameworks, we are able to deliver a relevant, cost effective and compliant core banking platform to our Members.

Payment Services

NZACU's payment services can be customised to fit our Members’ needs. We offer a full complement of payment processing solutions, transactional banking facilities and banking products for credit unions, mutual building societies and other financial institutions.

The key payments processing solutions we offer include:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) - EFT facilitates the processing and settlement of pre-authorised debits and direct deposit transactions.
  • Electronic-based Remittance Processing and Bill Payment - NZACU's remittance processing service enables financial institutions to facilitate direct bill payments for their customers. This customer-friendly, innovative bill payment solution is closely integrated with online banking services.
  • Transactional Banking Facilities - Allows customers access to their funds via direct debits, direct credits, automatic payments, telephone accounts, internet banking and ATM access.

Some of the key banking products and services NZACU offers our Members include:

  • Phone Banking - for customers who do not have online or mobile access, phone banking provides an essential communication platform. Phone Banking is a service that allows customers to perform transactions and receive balance inquiries in real-time via a touchtone telephone.
  • Internet Banking - combining all the functionality of online banking with a full-service website provides customers with a seamless online experience.
  • Mobile Banking -  An easy to use, secure app that lets customers manage their accounts on the go. 
  • EFTPOS – gives customers increased access points to access their funds to pay for goods and services. Fast, convenient payment method for purchasing goods and services or getting cash out at electronic point of sale terminals and ATMs nationwide.
  • Debit Card – all the benefits of EFTPOS with the additional ability to purchase goods and services online, over the phone and overseas.
  • Text Banking - the text channel offers additional value to customers by providing easy, fast and convenient access to their account information through text functionality on their mobile phone.

To find out more information about any of the services listed above please phone Deane Johns on +64 9 522 3543 or email


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